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A citizen movement committed to restoring Vermont to an independent republic, free to pursue life, liberty and happiness unimpeded by the demands of an imperial, corrupt and disintegrating United States.

Will the Pentagon’s F-35 Fighters Be Based In Burlington, Vermont by 2020? (IMPERIAL BOONDOGGLE)

Inquiring Vermont minds want to know. Especially given the exorbitant costs of the F-35. And the safety record, or lack thereof. And the flight time testing prior to basing, or … Continue reading

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Why Public Banks Outperform Private Banks: Unfair Competition or a Better Mousetrap?, by Ellen Brown (PUBLIC BANKING)

In November 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Bank of North Dakota (BND), the nation’s only state-owned bank, “is more profitable than Goldman Sachs Group Inc., has a better … Continue reading

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Vermont Independence – for breakfast. (ROTARY)

Thanks to the Sunrise Burlington Rotary Club for hosting us at their weekly breakfast on Friday. Always good to explore Vermont independence with the Vermont business community. Here’s a shot … Continue reading

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The Republic of Cascadia (SECESSION, PNW STYLE)

Fascinating San Francisco Chronicle article on the Republic of Cascadia and the politics (or lack thereof) of decentralization in the Pacific Northwest. Predictably, the writer doesn’t take the idea of … Continue reading

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Greg Guma Runs for Burlington Mayor (INSURGENCY)

Editor’s Note: This is a public statement from the “Greg Guma For Burlington Mayor” campaign office. Find out more here. The March mayoral election in Burlington will be a turning … Continue reading

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The Octopus In Iceland: Vermont’s Jim Hogue Talks With Birgitta Jonsdottir (WGDR RADIO)

Listen to this remarkable WGDR radio interview, hosted by Plainfield, Vermont’s Jim Hogue, with Iceland’s own Birgitta Jonsdottir, who played an instrumental role in Iceland’s grassroots revolution against Big Banks, … Continue reading

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#VT99: Celebrating Vermont’s WINTER Commons – Snow. Go. Mojo! (#FESTIVAL)

Minus 15 degrees here in Mad River Valley this morning, and news from the Statehouse indicates that Vermont is looking at a $100 million budget deficit for this fiscal year. … Continue reading

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January is Vermont Independence Month! (CELEBRATION)

Why not celebrate with some genuine Vermont independence merchandise from our 2VR Store? A Vermont-stitched 2VR flag, perhaps. Or maybe a copy of our book MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE. Vermont … Continue reading

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Merry Yule, and a Happy New Year! (GOLDEN BOUGH)

From Sir James George Frazer, The Golden Bough (1890; 1906-15) 62.7: The Midwnter Fires In modern Christendom the ancient fire-festival of the winter solstice appears to survive, or to have survived down … Continue reading

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