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A citizen movement committed to restoring Vermont to an independent republic, free to pursue life, liberty and happiness unimpeded by the demands of an imperial, corrupt and disintegrating United States.

US Political Debates: Kabuki Theater, by Stephen Lendman (ANALYSIS)

Publisher’s Note: 2VR is happy to see our own Vermont junior Senator Bernie Sanders in the presidential conversation – see our site for our “take” on Senator Sanders’ record and … Continue reading

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“Making Money Out Of Air”: Singing Along with Vermonters for a New Economy (MUSIC REVIEW)

Publisher’s Note: This just in from fellow journalist Dan Bolles at Seven Days newspaper. Folk music with a contemporary political edge. Free Vermont! This just in: Not everyone is happy … Continue reading

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Chelsea Green Publishing Celebrates THIRTY Years! (FEATURE)

Our favorite Vermont-based independent book publishing company, Chelsea Green, turns thirty this year. We caught up with co-founders Margo and Ian Baldwin about their book-driven adventures, life in the 21st century … Continue reading

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Slowpoke: The Spoken Word of a Slower Pace, by Mark Schimmoeller (BOOK REVIEW)

There are many of us who graduate college and find ourselves needing to rush into this “real world” as we like to call it, at the age of 22. We … Continue reading

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#FeelTheBern: The Essential Bernie Sanders and his Vision for America, by Jonathan Tasini (BOOK REVIEW)

Voting season in Vermont will be here before we know it, and according to our Saint Michael’s website, 82% of students come from out of state. Registering to vote or … Continue reading

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The United States of Empire?! (REALITY CHECK)

Welcome to the 21st century. The United States maintains an “Empire of Bases” – more than 800 in more than 150 countries around the world. If this is news to … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Spirits: Craft Beer Crisis and the Co-op Solution (FEATURE), by Matthew Cropp

Read this “Green Mountain Noise” feature on page 40 of our 2015 e-zine! Quaff ’em on behalf of our emerging 2nd Vermont Republic.

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One-Straw Revolutionary: The Philosophy and Work of Masanobu Fukuoka (BOOK REVIEW)

Given today’s world population of more than 7 billion people, it is clear, now more than ever, that the planet’s resources are strained. In past ages, humans could successfully rely … Continue reading

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“Hemp Hemp Hooray”: Doug Fine’s 21st Century Search for the Next Agricultural Revolution (BOOK REVIEW)

Pot. Weed. “Mary Jane,” or whatever you call it, most people are familiar with marijuana. Whether one partakes in recreational use, uses it for medicinal reasons, or is completely against … Continue reading

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Business and Benevolence: The Social Profit Handbook, by David Grant (BOOK REVIEW)

When walking into an introductory business course, the first question college students are asked is along the lines of, “What does a business care about most?” Of course, by business, … Continue reading

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The Local Economy Solution, by Michael H. Shuman (BOOK REVIEW)

Publisher’s Note: We begin our annual fall 2015 Chelsea Green book review series with Michael Shuman’s The Local Economy Solution. And listen to Shuman on Jim Hogue’s local WGDR Vermont … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11 in NYC (TRUTH BILLBOARD)

Ten Septembers ago, we devoted a complete issue of Vermont Commons: Voices Of Independence to an exploration of many of 9/11’s unanswered questions. As we are fond of saying, the … Continue reading

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#CannabisConversations, On The Road (PUBLIC FORUM)

Cannabis Conversations, On the Road Waitsfield, Vermont @ the Big Picture Theater; Friday, October 2, 2015 Economic Development, Job Creation, and Nonpartisan Support The Vermont Cannabis Collaborative (VTCC) will be hosting … Continue reading

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Geoengineering Our Climate Is Happening Now – And There Is A Problem, by Ian Baldwin (FEATURE)

In this week’s featured GREEN MOUNTAIN NOISE story, veteran publisher Ian Baldwin takes a close look at geoengineering in the United States – a subject rarely covered in the U.S. … Continue reading

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Vermont’s Farm Fund, by Lizzy Hewitt (FEATURE)

Read our FEATURE story on the Vermont Farm Fund in our new 2015 issue of “Green Mountain Noise, ” beginning on page 34. Written by Vermont native and current VTDigger … Continue reading

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“Secessionists Are Normal Guys, Too,” by Andrew Lohse (40 TOWNS)

Thanks to independent journalist Andrew Lohse for this “40 Towns” feature exploring the conversations around Vermont independence currently going on here in the once and future Republic of Vermont. Given … Continue reading

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#FeelTheBern?! Vermont Decentralists Weigh In (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE)

Thanks to Bill Kauffman, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE columnist, for checking in with 2VR re: Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. The best quote of his article? “Ranting and raving on a grand scale … Continue reading

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U.S. “Sham” Democracy – Do You #FeelTheBern? by Stephen Lendman (HILLARY’S POCKET)

2VR Publisher’s Note: Astute observers of Vermonter Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign are sounding alarm bells. No “revolution” here – just “sheep dogging” for the mainstream Democratic Party and the … Continue reading

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The United States of Secession, by Dani Hutton (OZY)

Thanks to the good folks at Ozy and journalist Dani Hutton for this look at independence movements across the UNtied States of Empire. No, we’re not nut jobs. Just principled … Continue reading

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The Local Economy Solution, by John McClaughry (BOOK REVIEW)

Fifteen years ago, Wal-Mart and Home Depot rolled into the Rutland-sized town of Midland, Ontario. A 20-year-old man who had built the website for his parents’ paint store decided to … Continue reading

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The Next Revolution – Murray Bookchin Is Back, by Pete Garritano (BOOK REVIEW)

Thanks to Pete Garritano, 2010 independent Vermont Lieutenant Governor candidate and farmer, for his insightful review of Murray Bookchin’s new book of collected essays entitled The Next Revolution. One of … Continue reading

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Power To The People, by Bill McKibben (NEW YORKER)

Writing in the New Yorker this week, Vermont environmentalist Bill McKibben provides a thought-provoking overview of Green Energy’s potential game-changing power in our 21st century imperial energy economy, with a … Continue reading

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