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Greg Guma Runs for Burlington Mayor (INSURGENCY)

Editor’s Note: This is a public statement from the “Greg Guma For Burlington Mayor” campaign office. Find out more here.
2VRThe March mayoral election in Burlington will be a turning point. At the moment, the city is on a fast track to gentrification and increased corporate penetration. But there is an alternative: to challenge complacency and the rush to redevelopment, vote for real change, and open up public debate on the decisions ahead. Greg Guma is running for mayor to increase real accountability, opportunity and affordability, and give citizens the information they need to make fully informed choices. “We can’t just build our way out of problems,” he says. “We need solutions that balance efficiency and growth with democracy and fairness, and create positive outcomes for all of us. This election is about the future,” Guma adds, “But it’s also about understanding the past and doing things differently.”
As mayor, Greg Guma promises to question sweetheart deals with developers, stress environmental impacts, and call for standards on future public-private partnerships; fight for responsible growth, affordable housing, rent stabilization, and accessible services; restore funding to Neighborhood Planning Assemblies and give them authority to select staff; actively support a higher local minimum wage and marijuana legalization; make continued local ownership of Burlington Telecom a top city priority; devote resources and serious attention to preserving open spaces, as well as vital community resources like Burlington College; establish an independent panel to review police conduct and change any discriminatory policies; and continue the legal fight to prevent bedding of F-35s at the airport.
For more information, email, contact the campaign for preservation and change at #802-540-2545, or join the “Greg Guma for Mayor” community page on Facebook.

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