Second Vermont Republic

A citizen movement committed to restoring Vermont to an independent republic, free to pursue life, liberty and happiness unimpeded by the demands of an imperial, corrupt and disintegrating United States.

Green Mountain Robotic Surf Punk: The Tsunamibots Take Over Vermont, by Rob Williams (INDY MUSIC)

Tsunamibots“When I first heard the Tsunamibots, I thought, Oh No! This will definitely lead to the enslavement of the human race,” said Nill Humansen from “I used to listen to human rock, but as a robot, I was tired of all the imperfections and the lack of crushing humans. Now that I’ve found the Tsunamibots, I finally have a scene of my own.” Just two of many e-accolades for what may be Mad River Valley, Vermont’s first-ever-in-history robotic surf punk trio: the Tsunamibots. Powered by Tomodore64 on guitar, The Main Frame on bass, and the Master Circuit on drums, the Tsunamibots have been igniting stages throughout the Northeast with their theatrical performances, their music a “culmination of years of experiences, surfing, crushing, crushing humans, and rocking ad hard as the drives that run them.”

And now, the Tsnuamibots have released not one, but two EPs: “Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age” and “Rise of the Robots.” Hang on to your hard drives – you are in for a wild ride. Tongue-in-cheek does not even begin to do this creative musical trio’s “wrap’ justice – think Devo on circuit-driven steroids, with some god-like surf rock’esque Dick Dale thrown in for good measure, and no small taste of power chords by which to mosh. This ain’t your Analog grandmother’s rock and roll music, and I can’t imagine Eric Schmidt at the Googleplex inviting Tsunamibots to his next techno-soiree. But if you like hard-driving, fun-loving techno-sonic energy at once clever and creative, then don’t miss the Tsunamibots. Check out their spring “take over the human race” tour, including our own Hostel Tevere and WMRW radio shows in Mad River Valley. Find out more about their plot to enslave the human race at Maybe they’ll play our next “Vermont Independence Party”?

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